Relative Time

Whisper when you speak of change

Of new seasons and passing moons

Of brand new starts

Of shifting in hearts

Hold me close when we lie beneath stars

Burning dimmer than they had

So many nights before

The hands of time

The metronome of our hearts

My hand will stay in yours

Until the ticking stops

Nothing, my love

Can be as haunting as clocks

6 Oct. 2020

I had a dream last night
In that dream you said to me
That even when you’re happy
Even when it’s right
Even when it’s love
All things come to an end

Instead of letting go
When the morning light
Piercing through
The final moments of night
Threatened to rip us apart
I drew you closer

I held you tighter

smoke + desire

Your pyromaniacal fingers

Pretty little matchsticks

Igniting me

Illuminating me

Striking against bone 

Smoldering beneath flesh

Denaturing every cell in my body

You are the fire burning within me

The consumption of my entirety

Until I am nothing but parched

Nothing but yearning

prompt 2. agony

where have you come from? are you made of stardust, passion, and my own imagination? i couldn’t have possibly imagined you, for you are all the things i never knew i was looking for. all the things i never imagined one woman could possess.

your beauty beyond compare. i could look at you endlessly.   endlessly. sustain me with your humble smile, with your hungry eyes, your silly words. sustain me with the sweet sound of your voice. the savory sound of your sigh. for all i can do is be lost in you.

am i but a silly woman? wanting to be the object of your desire. though you desire all the things that i do not know how to obtain. too much of nothing, too little of everything. your existence, without me next to you, is pure suffering. share your thoughts with me. i am starving to know you. to understand what magic has brought you here to cause me such sweet agony. unable to eat, sleep, or think clearly. i am but a silly woman.

i am frustrated to have found you. you in all your beauty, kindness, and wit. you in all your sultry, effortless charm. i am frustrated. i am starving to know more. where have you come from?

brief encounters with beauty

fierce and excitable. she is one with the wild and i am in awe. artistic and skillful with her hands. she looks like a kid in a candy store, when she touches me. her touch speaking a language we are both fluent in. she is  fun. the kind of fun that makes you exhaustless– makes you feel invincible. my sadness never stood a fighting chance in her presence. her energy so radiant it has warmed the very core of me. she is everything i want. a rebellious spirit. she makes me want to live for today. for today with her. she sees me. with dark pools of brown sugar and honey eyes. i’m on the highest of sugar highs. she is a giver. though i know she’s given so much already. she has been hurt. i want to ask her things. and i understand. she may answer in words i have never heard before. still, i want to know everything she wants to say. study the language of her spirit. her smile draws people in. her heart   keeps them coming back.

Silent Matters

Words sound so different

When they’re spoken

Rather than felt

Losing magic

As they enter the world

So let’s be silent tonight

And speak to each other

In the movement

Of hands

And hips

Of tongue

And lips


11/11:19 – Faith

All the spirit within my bones wished you back into my arms

With each wish

My bones ached a little more

Porous and full of shallow hope

I dreamt of the day that wishing wasn’t all I had left to believe in

Like an answered prayer

You returned with a heart full of grace, angelic,

Emanating a magic I never knew I would believe in.


Flower Girl

Her lips, those of roses
With soft and delicate petals
Men, women, and butterflies
would be nervous
in her presence

Her beauty- I’m unsettled
I could melt within her gaze
Her nectar sweeter than honey
Dripping from my lips
A sugary glaze

Her fragrance, what debauchery
I’m disoriented, intoxicated
To breathe her in, such heavenly sin
One might call it metaphoric

Flowery, magical girl
Your beauty, your soul,
it blooms
You fuel the sun within the sky
To shine, you inspire the moon

I’ll paint, photograph, capture
Her lips in shade of rose
The soft unfolding,
The truest art one knows