prompt 1. introspection

i am all alone

once again

i spend my nights

lying awake

contemplating the present

trying to forget the past

daydreaming about the future

not certain of anything

but the understanding

everything is just

as it is meant to be

Song of the Insomniac

Wide awake

The earth spinning within me

When the moons rises from her rest

I transform into the universe

A collection of galaxies

Behind my very own eyelids

You hold me in your gaze

And watch me glow

From so far away

Above stars

Above dreams

Above ache

You waltz with me

To the sound of my insomnia

Mr. Owl

How many tears does it take
To reach the center of my pain
It’s been months
My nocturnal companion
Will I ever sleep
Through the night again?


Gallery Girl

(For my muse 💌)

Can I tell you a secret?
Talking to you
Feels like walking through a museum

I always leave inspired.


There’s a light behind my eyes. It’s my soul burning bright.

It takes a special kind of person to know what to extinguish,

and what to ignite.

hopeless romantic

She desires to get lost in the romance of dusty books, vintage albums, and pressed flowers collected by lovers of the past ⚘

The Architect

Her art is the kind that keeps me up
Throughout the night
Perplexed and overwhelmingly intrigued

The walls that she builds
They are more breathtaking than the temples
Of ancient Greece

These beautiful structures
Constructed by a goddess
With wine painted fingertips

I wonder about the treasures that lie
beneath the surface
The ones she feels that she must keep sheltered from the world

I return once again today standing before these walls
Wondering if I will ever know
What hides behind the elaborate exterior

I search for a key
Though I can’t even seem to find a lock
I scream out secret passcodes, but I don’t think anyone is listening…


I try to climb to the top
Though I fear I’ll reach the heavens
Before I ever find my way over

She must find me silly
Or maybe even as bewildering
As I find her art

While I knock and listen for a reply
My ear pressed up close
My fingers probing frantically for even a crack

The walls that she builds
They are under-appreciated masterpieces
Too beautiful to demolish
So strong that it’d be pointless to try

But I will forever be an admirer
Of her craft