You came back

Flowers pressed

To your lips

A heart full of promise

And empty hands

Prepared to catch me

This time around

You came back

Treading carefully

Through my wreckage

Picking up the pieces

That shattered

When the door closed

Behind you

You came back

A shelter for my hope

A guiding light

For my wandering soul

You came back

And your lips

That once tasted

Of skepticism

Of anger

Left traces

Of certainty

Of affection behind

With each kiss

You came back

Restoring wonder

Within me

Wiping tears

From my cheek

Taking the pain

And whispering

That you missed me

You came back


As nonsecular eyes

Allowing the world

As you see

To be seen

Through mine

You came back

And not only

Do I see you

I see love

For the first time

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