When your knees are trembling
Like an earthquake
Is raging
Through your entire body

I beg you
I’d love nothing more
Than to be your support
To be your crutch
To hold you up

When your eyes
Are teary
And by teary
I mean
A meteorologist decided to name a hurricane
After you,
My love

You can cry
On my shoulder
I will guide you
to every destination

When your mind
Is roaring
through the air like thunder

Come closer
I dare you
Let my lips
drown out the sound

And when you’re feeling
Unbelievably empty
Like the wind
Unable to settle down
Unable to keep your feet
On the ground

I promise you
I will fill every hollow hole
That I find
Within your soul
Until you feel that you
are whole

You are a storm
Within a woman
And I,
I have always loved
Getting caught
In the rain


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